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Essence Salon has officially re-opened! We are very excited to welcome everyone back to the salon and can’t wait to see you. However, we do have certain safety guidelines that must be followed, so please read below to know what to expect upon re-opening.


These are the first few adjustments clients can expect as Essence will continue to adjust our protocols and practices to adhere to the health guidelines within Iowa's policies. 


Quick Reference of Protocol Changes: Further explanation is provided below.


  • Only pre-booked appointments; no walk-ins allowed.

  • No additional guests can accompany the client.

  • Only one parent can attend a child's service. Additional family members need to wait in the car until their appointment time.

  • Clients will be asked to wash hands and to put on a mask before their services.

  • Refreshments will be offered in recyclable cups.

  • Clients will be asked questions before their services to determine if they can proceed with services or if they need to be rescheduled.

  • No unnecessary physical contact.

  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing measures will be taken before, during and after each client.

  • Shampoo, Blow Dry and Styling Services will be limited.



All appointments must be pre-booked, no Walk-Ins will be allowed during this time. In an effort to limit the number of people in the salon at one time, please come alone for your appointments unless it is medically necessary for you to be accompanied.  For children's services, we ask that only one parent is present during their service. If there are multiple children's services booked back to back, please make arrangements for the other children to stay in the car until it's time for their service.


Entering the Salon

Upon walking in, we will ask you to wash your hands and put a mask on and keep in place for the duration of your service- we have disposable ones for each client. Refreshments will be offered in disposable containers that can be properly recycled. 



Essence stylists will be asking you questions before they begin any services. The public health guidelines require us to ask these questions upon arriving. Questions such as: “Do you have a fever or any cold/flu like symptoms?” “Have you or someone close to you traveled recently?” “Have you or anyone close to you been in contact with anyone who has been ill or had Covid-19?” If you answer yes to these questions, you will be asked to reschedule. If you have felt sick, have had a fever, cough, cold or other flu like symptoms please reschedule and remain at home until you are symptom-free for 14 days. Each stylist reserves the right to ask you to reschedule if they feel you are exhibiting any symptoms. 


Physical Contact

Greetings and Goodbyes are important to us, it's what helps us have that moment of reconnection with you. However, during this time we ask you not to handshake, hug, etc with your stylist. This will help us limit contact between stylists and clients. We love you and we hope you understand this is to protect you and us.


Time Between Clients To Clean & Disinfect

Essence Salon takes pride in our cleanliness. Especially right now, we will be taking extra time to clean everything before, during and after each client. Stylists will be taking extra precautions to go above and beyond to help protect your health and theirs. Limiting shampooing, blow drying and styling allows us to have more time to clean and disinfect between our guests. 


Shampoos, Blow Drying and Styling

We will only be offering shampoo services to clients who are getting their hair colored. During the shampoo, the mask will stay on to protect you and your stylist. We are limiting shampooing because we don't want to lean over someone's face if we don't have to. Blow drying will also be limited for the foreseeable future to prevent blowing particles into the air.  Blow drying will be at the discretion of the stylist. Clients receiving only haircut services should come in with clean, dry, unstyled hair. 


Thank You For Your Patience

We know this time is different and difficult in many ways. Please be patient with us as we slowly take measures to re-open and get everyone rescheduled. It's going to be a little hectic as we navigate our new norm but we will get through it together. Thank you for cooperating with our protocols. Our stylists are taking a risk by working in close quarters with our clients, even with the precautions we have in place. If you do not want to follow our protocol, you will be asked to reschedule for a later date when safety restrictions have been further lifted.



While we are ecstatic to be able to re-open and get back to work, we will be diligent in doing our part to protect the health and safety of both our staff and clients. With that being said, please understand that by coming into our salon, you are accepting full responsibility for any potential contact, doing so at your own risk, and must follow our protocols. Essence Salon will not be responsible for any possible contraction of Covid-19 or other illnesses.

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